from Switzerland, studied in London, based in Vienna.

I love the moving image, photography and visual arts. These forms of expression are able to mirror the world in a way that is beyond words, even if words are used. They are capable to stir something up within us, something that’s bigger than the rational mind. It’s like poetry – but visual.

I believe that powerful media come in hand with a responsibility of how to make use of them. I, as an artist, want to take on this responsibility. I want to create work that raises questions, is constructive and can touch others in a positive way.

When I create a picture, I intend to capture a moment of being – a moment of truth in time which is constantly moving.

I hope that one or another image on my site moved something in you.

Of course, you may feel free to contact me, should you want to have your portrait taken, buy a print or just get in touch. I will be happy exchange thoughts with you.

Phone AT: 0041 699 137 50420